When I was young, I dreamed of graduating college and doing something wild. I hoped to sell everything that I owned, packing up my dogs, buying an RV or a camper and traveling across the states. My grandparents used to have this giant RV and I think that’s where my inner wanderlust came from- I always saw it parked and I wanted to take it from them every summer that I saw it sitting in their lawn. Granted, I was 8 and didn’t know what it took to keep up with a house, a cottage,an RV, 4 kids, 10 or so grandkids, and however many nieces and nephews there were. I knew it was wrong for this beautiful RV to sit and decay. I wanted to find one for myself and USE it.

But. As much as I love planning, I am terrible at planning. So I never saved any money for me to go on this big trip. I never learned the skills a girl would need to travel across the country by herself. I’m not really that fond of driving. And I have little to no sense of direction. Oh, and I bought a house when I was 20, so there was this giant tether strapped to my ankle that wouldn’t let me leave. So I didn’t go anywhere unless it was a business trip.

My husband fills my love bucket by traveling with me. We’ve yet to get out of our mitten with the kiddos, but I’m sure that day will come. Quite frankly, I’m not ready for 12 hours in the car with kids. I’m not sure I could make it past Lansing.
(This is a real wedding picture of ours. Cramming my wedding dress and brand new husband and all of our goods into this tiny little car to travel across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.)

So when we travel, we drive. We map it out. We find our end destination and figure out what really awesome places we could see along the way. If there are any natural sights we want to see- we haven’t really hit any “touristy” sights yet, just the natural ones. It’s become my favorite way to travel. Get in and go. Stop when we’re tired or hungry. Find a hotel, don’t pre-book one. It’s only been an issue once,which could easily have turned me away from ever wanting to not book a hotel ever again, but it just makes the stories all the better (see.. blood stains on sheets, broken door latches, hair in sinks, mold on ceilings, emergency alarms at 4am, crack addict fights AT CHECK-IN, police threats. all in one night. we were desperate and exhausted.)

I made a map and sent it to my husband, it’s way more detailed than the one I’m going to show you. The one I made him had color coding- states I’ve been to, states Prince Charming has been to, states we have been to together and states we have both been to, but separately. It’s complicated and I messed it up several times because I don’t think I’ve ever really asked him for an explicit list of the states he’s visited. He’s got me on foreign travel- I’ve never been off of US soil and he’s hit 2 foreign countries and an extra continent! I don’t count states that have just been driven through unless we stopped the car, visited some sites or stayed the night. 


So we have only been married for 18 months and have hit 13 states (that I can think of…), I think we’re doing well. We each have traveled to more than these states, but this is what we’ve done as a married couple. I think it’s pretty cool. Also, i plan to keep this list going- which is why this isn’t just a typical Blog post. I want to easily grab it and add the states we visit, I want to add countries to the list and grow it as we expand our horizons. Stay tuned folks!

Nevada- married in!
North Carolina
Kentucky -Florence Y’all!
Tennessee- the Niagara Falls of the South
West Virginia


How do you display your travels in your home? I hope to create a map with our pictures in each state and fill it in as we go. Do you keep photo albums? Display them on the walls? Ours are stored only on our computers right now, but I’m looking to change that up.

Happy travels, y’all.