A 26 year old lover of Christ. Midwestern wife to Prince Charming. Step-Mom of 8, 12, 17, 20. I love shopping and reading, I love all things photography and Charlie Brown.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Associate’s in Business Management, Liberal Arts, Business General Studies and a Certificate of Office Professionalism (yeah, that’s a thing).

I run my own small-time wedding photography business, work full time in a General Contracting office as an Assistant Project Manager & Administrative Assistant and work for my denomination as an Administrative Assistant.


I’m the cleaner of the house, the laundry washer, the dish dryer, the dog entertainer. I’m the one who gets irritated when beds aren’t made and can’t handle skipping one day of laundry.


I’m a planner and over-thinker. I’m a big-hearted, open minded, dog-loving, always smiling, one of a kind step mom. I chase the kids around the house and I tease them by telling them they’ll never get Christmas presents from us (they always do).


I kiss my husband every morning and before our eyes close each night. I fight with the kids to sit by him on the couch and we love Longmire, Fixer Upper, and Narcos. We keep our plates full and don’t have a lot of “down time.” We want to own a farm with chickens and goats, a pig and some cows (12 and I want the pig to be a pet!). We love camping and travel, but most of all, we really love to sit in the living room and play board games together.


We’re pretty simple, but things get kinda crazy around here.

I’ll try not to be annoying, but sometimes I might vent. I might brag about my hot husband. I might boast about these kids that allowed me into their family. sometimes I may cry.

but really..

My mission here is to connect with other step mommas or bio parents and just be a system of support to one another. I’m not a pro, I’m practically brand new, but I know it’s hard and I know there’s someone who needs this, just like I do. Let me know if it’s you.

want to talk more? email me at thestepmommablog@gmail.com

I’m a photographer, so all the images you’ll see on my site are mine. You can use them, but please just ask first. If they’re not mine, you’ll see photo credit given where it is due. ❤

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I am completely new to all of this but have been wanting to start a blog for a long time. I too want to do all of the above without being judged!! I am a step mom as well and have many ups and downs as we all do. But to just have a venue to hear myself speak, whether or not I am the only one listening, sounds perfect.


    • thestepmomma

      girl, i feel you. a lot of people don’t get the “blogging world” and shoot, i don’t really either. i just feel this strong call to seek it out and pursue it- so here i am.
      how many kids do you have? please feel free to follow along and comment along the way- if there are things you are curious about, leave a comment and maybe i can write a post about it! hope this becomes a refuge for you and it’s helpful in some way ❤ carry on step momma!


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