Summer Updates


The StepMomma’s 2017 Goals:

  1. Decluttering
  2. Fixing up House A
  3. Fixing up House B
  4. Making healthier food and life choices
  5. Saving more moolah
  6. Paying off all debt (excluding student loans, mortgages)
  7. Weekly Bible Studies with the kiddos
  8. Reading my entire bible all the way through
  9. Hosting a Bible study in our home
  10. Becoming a DBA and LLC for my personal business
  11. More family time
  12. Learning to cook one decent meal for the family
  13. Only wearing jeans one day/week…
  14. Read more.

July update.

Decluttering is going so incredibly well. We only have one room to clean out and we will feel golden. and it’s mostly empty. We’ve more than halfway filled our storage unit! We have boxes ready to hit the unit again and i can’t wait.

the last two weeks we’ve spent every single night (almost) at house A and have successfully power washed the back deck, porch, stones, the garage, side of the house, the trim line of the driveway, pulled weeds, cut trees, painted, ripped out walls, ripped out carpeting, scrubbed refrigerators, and Lord knows what else. We are making huge progress. It’s incredibly exhausting and my stress level is through the roof. But we are making huge progress. We actually met with a realtor that we fell in love with on Friday and will meet with our mortgage lender on Wednesday. This. Is. Exciting. My husband keeps tapping me on the arm or leg and saying things like, “Babe! We’re really going to get our farm! It’s really happening” or “Babe, we’re really doing this!” “It’s real now!” and I’m so happy. It feels so good.

There’s like 100% family time all the time. The weeks we have kids, we are always doing something together, usually focused on fixing up the house. The weeks we don’t have kids, we hang out with my husband’s sister (it’s her week WITH kids and she needs help sometimes). She helps us work on our house and sometimes we just have to take the screaming 5 year old twins away for a few minutes so that mom doesn’t lose. her. shit.



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