remembering marvin.



i can’t begin to give you words to describe my marvin. if i do, i’ll cry. and i’m at work, so i can’t cry.

but i’m here to tell you that my beloved Marvin. my step dad of 20 years. he passed away on Sunday, very unexpectedly. his heart has stopped and mine feels like it’s going to. there’s a hole in our family and in all of our hearts. he was the best.

so here, today, i wrestled myself out of bed this morning to come to work. to put on a semi-decent face and the strength to drive 30 miles to work. it’s taking everything in me to stay up right and not to curl up under my desk and give in to the depression that is sinking in. he was more than a step dad. he was constant and joyful. he was silly and kind. he was full of life. his heart was gold. his smile was infectious. he wanted nothing from anyone. he made my family complete and now we are a little bit empty. he is already so missed.




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