Our new baby.


This weekend, without explaining anything, was one of the most stressful, chaotic, emotional weekends we have had in a very long time. And I do say we.

There is extended family drama up the wazoo and we are the only trusted people who can handle the situation or be involved at all. Which is pretty neat, but also pretty exhausting.

I mentioned in my last post that we saved a baby racoon. and now we are syringe feeding it every few hours and i bathed it last night and it sits in my laundry room right now, while i am away.

We have named him Meeko.

Image result for meeko

The photos I have of him are very blurry. but he is about 5 pounds and maybe 7 or 8 inches long. He is so tiny. His hands are so weird. His knuckles bend and wrap around things and they freak me out, but he is so incredibly cute.

He is a loner, so we have put a little baby Ty Beanie Baby Turtle with him.

Image result for turtle beanie baby

They only cuddle when he sleeps through the night. Not during nap time.

He also has a giant stick in his box and we will add leaves and acorns, pinecones as we go.

We’re trying to get him back to normal. Day 1 he was dizzy, he could hardly hold his head up and definitely couldn’t walk without stumbling. He ate very little and we think he was dehydrated, so I have syringe fed him some water (sparingly, since babies typically don’t drink water).

He’s been drinking 3-4 oz of puppy milk each day, with 1-2 tsp of water in there somewhere. Last night we mixed some squash into his milk, he seemed to like it. It’s hard to know what to do because we don’t know his age and don’t know what he is really capable of, since he was so off on Sunday.

Yesterday he climbed out of his box on his own. his strength is coming back and it’s so great to see! He chased me in the yard (I’m his mom now) and ran in circles with me until he got tired. Then I bathed him, he was covered in a lot of.. gunk, we’ll say, when we picked him up and I was scared to touch him. Fortunately I keep everything and still had some mild puppy shampoo that I bathed him in- I added the Blue Dawn Dish soap to the mix too, because that stuff is like magic in a bottle. Not all of the gunk came off, but he looks clean and isn’t covered today. I’ll probably bathe him again tonight just in warm water, with no chemicals. I think its good to let him move and walk around in a contained area, especially away from our dogs. They want to eat him.

We have been toying with the idea of training him to release when he is about 10 weeks old (give or take), or training him to an outdoor crate that we will feed him in and keep around. We plan to have a farm and think it might be neat to have an outdoor pet raccoon! Especially if he has lost his family. He will likely follow me around the yard even as an adult, he will likely click with me but not to a point that is dangerous. I’m okay with having more animal friends 🙂

I like feeding him and bathing him was fun to watch, too. I don’t like when he screams.

This is such a weird thing we are doing, but i think its great








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