May Check in!


So first off, I am terrible at posting anymore and its because I simply forget to load photos at home and transfer them to this other computer. And I’m okay with it.

I also should tell you that I know I promised a “100 followers” post and I think about it ALL THE TIME but its so much harder than you think. 100 things? that’s a lot. 100 photos? that’ll take years to upload on this silly wordpress. So i still haven’t forgotten, i just haven’t done it………yet

The StepMomma’s 2017 Goals:

  1. Decluttering
  2. Fixing up House A
  3. Fixing up House B
  4. Making healthier food and life choices
  5. Saving more moolah
  6. Paying off all debt (excluding student loans, mortgages)
  7. Weekly Bible Studies with the kiddos
  8. Reading my entire bible all the way through
  9. Hosting a Bible study in our home
  10. Becoming a DBA and LLC for my personal business
  11. More family time
  12. Learning to cook one decent meal for the family
  13. Only wearing jeans one day/week…
  14. Read more.
I feel like the “Decluttering” thing has come a long way since the last update. Currently there are 3 packed boxes ready for the attic and two piles of Goodwill items. We cleaned our entire laundry room out, completely out of necessity since the Washer broke. But we cleaned it out- Prince Charming scrubbed behind the appliances and I thoroughly swept everywhere else after I took everything out. The kids are impressed with how large the laundry room is- I am too. It was so full before, I had to carry my laundry basket in a particular way just to make sure i didnt trip on my way in. i am not exaggerating. it was horrible and i legitimately feared snapping my neck while doing laundry.

The Step Momma: 1990-2017. Cause of death: Lazy, messy boys.

I feel as though I can actually check off the “Making healthier food and life choices” goal at this point! I go to the gym every week day (if work allows), and if it doesn’t, I work out at home. Sometimes I work out two times a day. It’s fantastic. It keeps me out of my car and eating junk food and keeps me moving. Plus I have tiny muscles popping up now.
I’m getting ready to start the 21 day fix from BeachBody and can’t WAIT. I think i’m going to modify it a little bit though, since I go to the gym on lunch breaks. I will probably use their DVDs 3 days/week or so and still do my regular gym routine every day. If I can handle daily double workouts, I will.


And I’m down 15 pounds. Since March 22 when i hit the gym for the very first time this year.15 pounds in 6 weeks? I call that a success. (See: Healthy Step Momma). I’m well on my way to my 2017 weight loss goal and know that this first bit is the simplest, easiest to lose. But it already feels like a part of my routine. Already feels like i want more. Yesterday I bought kale. WHAT? At the very least, I’ll put it in smoothies and it wont go to waste. but i really want to try kale chips and i guess i’m going to do that..real soon.


We have done one successful, week night bible study with the kids. 9 enjoyed it- we bought him a new bible and let him pick it out all on his own. 13 wants nothing to do with it. He gets mad if we ask him how his spiritual life is. he gets mad if we suggest he read his bible or ask the last time he prayed. his girlfriend is an athiest and it seems that she’s taken a hold of his once- interested, once-curious mind and has smothered any chance of there being a life with Christ. It breaks our hearts. So we are trying to encourage “God-talk” and encourage bible studies. We read through Jonah because it’s super short and one of them was talking about whales that day. If you have suggestions on how to incorporate family bible study into your nightly routine- I am all ears. We need all the help we can get.

Now that my Prince is out of school, he is transitioning to this super busy month where he is dedicating his “days off” to working on my house, my dad’s house, his mom’s house, our roof… We have a never ending list of very necessary projects and unfortunately, he is the only one suitable to complete them. During the school year he works part time and goes to school 2 days/week. We decided that during May, he won’t change his work availability and will instead work on other honey-do items with all the spare hours of the work week he can find. I’m really, incredibly grateful for him.

Continually paying off debts. We took out another one recently and it’s a huge accomplishment. It, of course, was replaced with that black cloud of Student Loans that hadn’t fully kicked in. But at least we aren’t shelling out cash for as many bills, now. It’s a good feeling to write “PAID” on the final statement! Financial freedom, here we come!

how are your goals coming along?


4 thoughts on “May Check in!

  1. Congratulations on your fitness goals. That us so fantastic that you have lost 15 pounds in six weeks. Any weight loss is good. Just think in six more weeks it could be another 15 pounds and that is 30 total pounds. Weight comes on slowly. Loosing it slowly is the best way to go. Keeping praying for you. Your older boy 13 is going through a phase… can’t drag a horse to water and force him to drink. You can do the dragging…..but he still can refuse to drink. God and Jesus believe in 13 every single moment of 13 life. Even if 13 doesn’t believe in them. You can pray for 13. But 13 has to have faith and believe on his own. God is always there for him watching over him…..even if he refuses to believe.
    The only reason I love the bible so much is because nobody bible beat me…..made me learn the stories. I was taught from the beginning the truth…..simply that the stories us the bible happened as true events. I love reading about true stories. I have read my bible cover to cover so many times. I have read a lot. To understand better… how the two women go to the king and both claim that a child is theirs. So since neither will back down the king simply decides that he will cut the baby in half. The real mother because she loves the baby so much tells the king not to cut the baby in half….but give it to the other women. The real mom would rather the baby be alive then dead. Its about loving something so much that your willing to lose it just to keep your child safe. When you break down the stories that they really happened….then break down what the story is really trying to teach you. It changes sometimes how you see things. My brother used to believe in God. ….then he went to a religious collage and all the bible beating pushed him away… now he doesn’t believe in god and etc. I pray every day for my brother. That god protects him…watches over him. That if I believe enough that one day my brother will come back to god because he sees I believe. Sometimes you have to wander away do when you come back you appreciate it more. I know deep down my brother will come back to God and Jesus. You can still talk with 13 about the true stories in the bible. Like how Jesus went to God and asked if there was some other way he could pay for our sins but not have to be crucified. Then the devil gave him poison to drink so he could die a quick and painless death. And escaping being crucified. Jesus had to willingly agree to be crucified it was part if the deal for it to work. For all our sins to be forgiven Jesus had to agree on his own to go through the entire crucifixion. Its a big deal knowing what you are doing…..when your own people the Jews are putting him on the cross. Plus Jesus knew and or knows there are so many who don’t believe or won’t believe, yet he still did it. Do that even at the last second you can repent and still get a chance at getting into heaven. Its a lot to take in. That a stranger can love and care about someone’s place in heaven that much.

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    • i agree with all of this! we aren’t trying to force him- but its hard to hear him say we do things “too much” when we are really.. not. we are so far behind in how we SHOULD be involving the kids in our faith and encouraging them in theirs. I want to have just 1 weekly bible study. even if its 5 minutes long, but we haven’t quite figured out how to manage it. if God stopped caring about me when i was 13, i wouldn’t be where i am now. i didn’t know anything about God- I know there’s plenty of time for my 13.

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