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Folks, let me talk to you about what life is like when you decide to put your terrible lifestyle behind you. When you choose to stop buying new clothes because you are determined to make sure they become loose on you, when you pick up a fork and put LETTUCE on the end of it, when you intentionally skip the second Coca Cola and grab an ice water instead. It’s tedious and it’s annoying.

I’ve never been a “diet-er.” I don’t really believe in Diets. Unless you’re doing some special event like getting married and just want to be “trim” or something for that special day, but no. Diets are not a good thing. It’s a really great way to upset your mind. It’s a really great way to feel strapped, to feel caged in, and to not get results. Folks, you can’t diet. You have to change.

In the past month, I have gone to the gym all but 3 days on my lunch- the 3 days I didn’t go, I couldn’t leave the office and wasn’t able to take a lunch that day. And I went home and worked out in my living room. I have committed all of my lunch hours to gym time, if possible. This means I only really get about 35 minutes of activity (if I’m moving quick when i drive to the gym, change, find a machine and changing again, driving back to work), so that’s not very much! But here’s the thing: Even if I go to the gym and I am unmotivated and barely moving on an elliptical, I am doing more than what i would be if i sat in my car eating fast food like i used to do. I am making a positive change. There have certainly been days that I have said, “well today seems like a good day to skip the gym and take a nap on my lunch.” but i dragged my butt to the gym and made myself move. not all my workouts are great. but they are better than sitting in my car eating fast food.

I have also been doing that weird Cardio Drumming thing more often. But since I joined a gym and already pay $20some a month, I’ve decided to only do it via YouTube. It’s hilarious and weird but I can do it on my leisure and it costs less (aka FREE). This is the link I have been drumming to the last couple weeks, if you’re interested.


Life is annoying when you pack a granola bar for breakfast, a small snack like “Fruit snacks” or a handful of oyster crackers (this is actually a bad snack, but i love them!) and then pack a protein bar for lunch. i am pretty much starving when I get out of work and we usually don’t eat for another two hours after we get home. So that’s fun.

But I’ve been packing small salads and eating them in the afternoon. This is life changing. I hate lettuce. I HATE it. My church just had a fellowship meal a couple months ago and it was a Salad Bar and i intentionally skipped it because I freaking hate lettuce. Two weeks later i started eating it every day. My dad almost fell out of his chair when I told him I tried salad and was able to make it through. I will say these salads are stupid. They are Romaine Hearts with Olive Garden Italian Dressing (AMMMAAAZINNNGGG) and croutons. That’s it. I don’t like cheese on my salad, i don’t like bacon, and i hardly like any other “salad friendly” veggies. If I have super extremely chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, I can handle those- but prefer to skip them.

In my life, I haven’t been one who is an over-eater, not much of a snacker (except on the weekends when I’m trapped in the house and dying of boredom), not too much of a sweet tooth. nothing horrible. I just eat the wrong foods. I like being active, I like sports and like lifting weights. I just also really like bread and pizza and tacos and everything that has nothing healthy in it. In the past two years, I’ve become sort of wildly obsessed with green beans, I eat them plain 95% of the time. I eat cabbage. I eat asparagus. I eat cauliflower. I eat brussel sprouts. I eat broccoli. I eat freaking lettuce. This is insane.

I still hate fruit, but I’m drinking protein shakes and putting 1 serving of fruit (1/2 a banana) in each shake- I can drink fruit but i won’t eat it :).

In the first week of me deciding to go to the gym and change my life, I lost 10 pounds. That’s literally because i stopped sitting in my car eating terrible food and decided to step away from the drive thru. (I honestly have never really been a fast food junkie until I got the job that I have now. I don’t have a break room, sit at a cubicle in the main lobby and everyone is 30 years older than me, so I eat alone every day.) The second week I lost 5 more pounds, but they came back. I have steadily lost 10 pounds over the last three-four weeks and I’m okay with that.

It’s going to be annoying because getting healthy takes time. a lot of time. but here’s the thing. I can’t get stuck on “Just 10 pounds.” Because here’s what’s happened since I lost “Just 10 pounds,” :

  • I developed a regular workout routine
  • I am actively searching for healthier recipes
  • I am eating fresh vegetables more often
  • My Prince is encouraged by me making healthy, positive changes
  • I am incredibly sore, but in different ways than I was before. (Sore because my muscles are changing, not because I am stiff and achy… although some is still present and probably will be. Life with Chronic Pain.
  • I am having FUN working out and drumming
  • We look for other things to do as a family and as a couple instead of sitting in the living room.
  • Our Wii has gotten a lot of activity lately
  • I drink a lot more water
  • I sleep a heck of a lot better
  • I feel better about myself
  • I am making positive, healthy choices every single day
  • I lost ten pounds. TEN.


I hope that if you are doing this healthy thing with me, that you will not be discouraged by your “just 5 pounds” or “just 20 pounds” depending on what your goal is. I hope that you will see your good actions as something incredibly positive. The key is to stick with it. Keep moving. Keep eating good things. Keep drinking water. Keep it up. Pounds came on one at a time and that’s exactly how they’ll go.

And on top of it, remember that you are incredibly beautiful and you should be doing this for YOU. no one else. Not your family who calls you pudgy, your coworker who points out your weird body shape, not your significant other who really like skinny chicks, none of that. Do it for You.


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