Anxiety & Loneliness of Motherhood


Some good words on loneliness in the hood. motherhood that is.


This is going to be a raw vunerable post. Without the potty mouthed sense of humour. Because motherhood can be a lonely road. Unfortunately for me, it’s a lonely journey in every aspect I never thought I would face. This has been tough to post but I’ve realised I shouldn’t be scared what people think of me.. this is the precise reason why I began this blog and maybe someone reading this can relate..

Because you are not alone.

Virtually, not alone.

It’s funny to me how virtually you are not forgotten.. friends comment on your social media platforms, include you in their broadcast texts, tag you in things they want you to see.. etc.. It’s like having a completely different world inside a screen. Another dimention where everyone is connected and noone is ever alone. But in the real world, we face battles just to stay really connected to…

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