Pushing Through





Since I started Cardio Drumming a few weeks ago with 17, I’ve started re-evaluating things in my daily life. I actually have only gone to the class one time, but have found online videos and tutorials that i can do at home, which is even better because I’m saving $6 and a lot of embarrassment by staying in my living room. I usually feel terrible on Mondays and I owe it to trying to stay up late and sleep in Friday and Saturday. It throws me out of whack and its terrible. I get a real serious case of “The Mondays” and there isn’t anything I can do to beat it.

Nap after work? Yes. Work out? Yes. Shower? Yes. Clean? Yes. Eat a good meal? Yes. Mondays? Still yes.

I am actively searching between three gyms in my area to find the best deal, closest proximity and best value for my monthly price. i’d like to start spending lunch hours in the gym on a bike instead of in my car sleeping or just simply wasting time. It’s recommended that adults get 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily, which is just about the maximum amount of time I could give to exercise on my lunch. Between changing clothes, driving to the facility, actually working out, changing back into work clothes and driving back (and possibly sneaking in a protein bar or something small).

We are cutting out some of our monthly TV subscriptions because we realized we could use our late-night hours to be more productive. I see nothing wrong with us winding down to a 30 minute tv show each night, if it sticks to 1. On the weekends, I credit us a movie. We typically watch 1 to 2 episodes of a show and go to sleep. But in that hour, we could be filling in holes in our walls or painting the bathroom, wiping baseboards, etc. Little jobs that don’t take a lot of effort, but could be done in our regular evening time without cutting into other necessary tasks. But we’re waiting to finish our show up this season before we pull the plug (we’re Binge watching Seinfeld and are less than 30 episodes from completion. Which will put us right at the end of my Prince’s semester, so perfect timing!).

We drink a lot of pop and always think it’s cute to buy each other our favorite candies, even if it’s really unhealthy. When it’s just us, we, for some reason, feel like we can eat like Kings instead of trying to teach the kids that vegetables are important, as well as variation in our diet. We pretty much only eat out if it is just us.

I’m a terribly picky eater, but I’m trying desperately to learn. I don’t know how to eat lunch. I don’t like sandwiches, I don’t eat any form of lettuce, and I hate soup. So protein bars, here I come.

Anyway. I am starting a new little journey here and trying to make some changes in our home. I can drum at home two nights per week with a guarantee that i will not be interrupted. I can go  to the gym the other 3 days per week and do other exercises. My Prince and I can take outdoor walks now that it’s warming up. Summer is so much easier.

I’m ready to be over the Mondays.



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