Weekend Update


Just feeling like I need to share that the weekend which just ended can go in my log of “Favorite weekends ever.” Not because we did anything spectacular, in fact we did hardly anything at all. I parked my car on Friday night and didn’t move it until Sunday morning for church.

Friday  we had four kids and a grandbaby in our house. Prince Charming cooked us dinner, per special food requests from 17 that “only dad can make.” She loves how her dad cooks. She brags about his cooking every chance she can, it’s great. He laughs because a lot of the recipes she loves are the ones on the backs of boxes and bags. But no one can do it quite like him. We probably played a board game,but i honestly can’t remember. i just know that we had fun. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean and fell asleep. No fights. No nothin’.

Saturday is chore day in our household, but the youngest ones have been asking for “Saturday Cartoons,” which we have never done. We’ve granted them a few free hours on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, play on their tablets, play a video game, sleep more, it’s really their free time to do whatever it is they want. Then we start our chores, which is never fun. I had a conference call at 12:00, so I had to bump chore time up 30 minutes and all hell broke loose over the thirty minute time change. Chores started at 11:30am.

My Prince guided the kiddos in their chores, after I laid out lists of what they were to clean. He gave them “break time” and took 9 with him to go work on a roof of a family friend. Bologna jabroni (12) stayed home with me and poked his head in the office every 20 minutes to see if i was still on the phone. Yes, son I am. I was on the phone for 2 1/2 hours.

Prince Charming and Honky Tonk(9) came back a couple hours later and it was dinner time. I have no idea what we ate, this weekend was a blur. My Prince changed the clocks back, mid-evening. The boys came out of their room- they were playing “Logan and the Albino” and dressed up.. it was hilarious. They saw that it was almost 11pm and couldn’t believe it. We shrugged and they went back to playing. We all fell asleep soundly. No fights. No arguments about bed time. No attempts to get another cup of milk before bed or to stay up later than the other one. Just a “good night” and it was over.

Sunday is church. We wake up, eat breakfast, someone usually cries before we leave, Prince and I fight in the car and I storm into church.. every week. But not this one. We took our time getting ready, no one was upset. Everyone had their stuff together and we left for church.

We come home, my prince takes a nap.. an almost 3 hour nap.. in his chair and 9 and 12 and I hooked up our new Wii system and played Mario party 8 for almost 3 hours. They got new nicknames and laughed every time I said them. They were so incredibly happy. Except when we had to turn the game off.. that’s never fun. But 3 hours is plenty of game time for a Sunday afternoon.

So I made some pasta salad + italian chicken (SO GOOD) and we ate dinner, with very little clean up. Jabroni did his laundry and threw it all over his room without folding, hanging up, matching socks. Nothing. But i didnt notice this until Tuesday, so he’s off the hook until tonight.

I don’t know what changed but this weekend was SO good. everyone was so happy. Everyone was joyful.

Why can’t they all be this easy?


























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