GUYS, there are almost 100 of you following this tiny little blog. I’m so excited i can’t stand it. 100 people who share some interest in this crazy life. 100 people who can relate to the life of a step parent (or parent in general). 100 people who probably feel a little better about their cooking skills after reading my Cranberry Relish in itโ€™s worst form. post and my failed Recipe Round ups.

In the few short months this blog has been active, I have gained some real friends. Some that I will never meet, but pray for often. There are many of you who face grave losses and many who have battled in so many different ways, now writing about conquering those challenges. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you.

Blogging is weird, folks. It’s like a diary that other people get to read? and you prepare for it? and take pictures for it? and share it with the entire world? I still don’t get it. I know there is a release in it.

Things I’ve discovered since I started TheStepMommaBlog:

  • Verbalizing what’s going on in my daily life somehow does help
  • A small, weird little group of us bloggers in my Church have banded together and meet up for blog dates. It’s great but i still think blogging is weird
  • I’m not the only one in the world in a situation like this

Once I hit 100, what should we do? Throw a party? Learn 100 more things about TheStepMomma? Share 100 of my favorite things? Share 100 pictures? What do you want to see!?


8 thoughts on “FOLLOWERS!

  1. Congratulations!
    I love these types of posts where bloggers talk about their follower count because I just love seeing writers thank their readers. It’s just refreshing and good to know that they are still happy with referring to where it all began, and that to me brings out a good writer.

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