valentines daze


There’s a reason I call him Prince Charming.

He sends me unexpected flowers four days early, 6 roses with daisies, lillies, some pretty purple things, carnations and greens and brightens my day.

He texts me and tells me he loves me.

He rolls to his side and always reaches for my hand or side when we sleep.

He teases me when he walks in the door and i don’t come running to greet him (I always stop what I’m doing and greet him when he comes home, so I ask him why he doesn’t do it for me. now it’s a joke and i love it.)

He deals with my sappy facebook posts about him.

He hugs me tightly and whispers that he loves me.

He’s not afraid to kiss me or hold my hand in front of the kids. He wants us to show them that we love each other. He wants to gross them out by how sappy we can be. They respond with “EWWs” each time, but we think its fun.

He compliments how long my hair is getting and tells me it looks nice.

He tells me I look “dressed up” even when I’m in leggings and a tshirt

He will eat my leftover spaghetti or taco meat because he knows I tried and I really don’t know how to cook much more (attempting a real valentines dinner tonight!)

He loves me fiercely and gently at the same time.

Maybe not every single day is like Valentines Day with him. But we don’t need a special day to celebrate love. He loves me every day. He doesn’t leave the house without reminding me. I am grateful for the reminders he gives me and that a commercial holiday isn’t the only time I feel his affection for me. Tomorrow marks 3 years of being together, so this is a special time of year for me, naturally.

My Prince,

I am so grateful for your love. For your unending love. For the way you let me scream and kick and fight even when i know I’m wrong. I am grateful for your smile and your laughter. Even your dad jokes. I am completely head over heels for you and those crazy kids. You bring more joy to my life than I can explain. I hope that I bring even an ounce of that to you. I love you incredibly and cannot wait for the next 60 years.



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