Silly Things Boys do That I’ll Never Understand


You’d think that since we have all, you know, been a child before, we would understand them a little better. Their mannerisms and the things they put up stinks about doing. But no, they are similar to what I imagine an alien life form to be- unsure, very weird, and very messy.

I will never understand why  little boys will remove their socks in the middle of the living room and forget they ever owned them.

I find about 6 pairs of socks scattered between the living room, kitchen and bathroom on weekends that the kids are with us. They will be tucked in the couch cushions, left under chairs, blatantly dropped on the floor, or hanging from a door knob. They will never be removed and placed into one of the four hampers we have in our house (one in the bathroom, one in our room, one in the office, where Prince Charming’s closet is, one in the boys’ room. There should be no stray clothes anywhere.)

I will never understand why being tired is sinful to them. If they are kicking and screaming, red in the face and full of agony and we ask if they are tired and want a nap-


World War 3, people. 9 will cry, he will hit, he will ball up his fists. There is no “Tired” in his book unless he decides to sleep on his own.


I just talked to Prince Charming about this on Wednesday. Something these boys do that honestly weirds me out is ask to be tickled. They will put on PJs so they can move freer, they’ll lay themselves on a bed or couch and ask to be tickled. The other one joins in and then I am literally dodging feet and arms from kicking me in the face from both sides. I HATE being tickled and these boys LIVE off of it.


adventure_time_chibi.pngDon’t get me wrong. I love me a good Disney or Pixar movie, but Alvin and the Chipmunks? Cars? Angry Birds? I told PC that kids tv shows are one of the driving factors behind me always saying I never wanted children. I could never love someone enough to endure the repetitive songs on these awful childrens shows. We weren’t watered down with baby shows, I don’t ever want that for my child. My sister was 20 when she had my nephew and she refused to let us baby talk him because she felt like it was belittling. WELL. I think that watching tigers dance in tutus while singing about doing chores is belittling. I won’t have it.

Showering and Personal Hygiene.

cavities.jpgThese kids. They can go 6 days without a shower, but if we are busy all day on the 7th and they can’t get a shower, it’s like the world ends. Your greasy hair won’t look any greasier tomorrow kid, you just gotta deal and be the stinky kid. Why is it like PULLING teeth to get kids to BRUSH their teeth? Our kids can’t be in the same room when they brush their teeth, somehow it becomes a game or a time for magic tricks or some shenanigans and it’s now a house rule that they have to be in separate rooms when brushing teeth.

What are your kids’ weird habits? Do they do this stuff? I just don’t GET IT.


8 thoughts on “Silly Things Boys do That I’ll Never Understand

  1. Lol ! I love your list ! The socks must be universal and lifelong . My husband still does it . My sons off the wall habit is that he walks out of his pants . He’s only 18 months but when he gets home those pants have to come off and they stay right there in the floor . Talk about comfortable

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