Selling the family car


Today, more specifically, RIGHT NOW, Prince Charming is at our house showing off my car to some complete strangers.

Let me tell you a little story, before we go on, you need to know this: I get attached to things really easily. and it’s really fricking annoying.

(not our actual car)

I bought my little blazer almost three years ago and it suddenly became a family car to a family I wasn’t even part of yet. This was the summer that Prince Charming invited me to go camping for the first time. We’d been dating for a while, but never had been asked to go to a real family event.. to be a part of their somethings instead of just a hang out. The kids packed into the blazer and we loaded the dogs in there, somewhere. I have pictures of 12 playing with my ice scraper while 9 hangs upside down.. I don’t really know what they were doing.

We took them through the two tracks on the property and got their legs muddy from dangling on the tailgate.

The next fall we took the blazer through our town, searching for our forever home (that we still don’t have).

We took 9 and 12 to get ice cream and 9 spilled his all over himself.

One fine Christmas Eve, I was coming home from a particularly perfect evening with Prince Charming, and a drunk driver scraped along the side of my car. Leaving me with whiplash, a curved spine and a more intensified version of PTSD than what I already faced from an accident 3 years prior.

The next summer, we drove two hours away to this crazy, kid-tastic camp site. It was cold and rainy, but it didn’t stop us. It got so cold, the kiddos ended up camping IN the blazer.

We’ve spent what felt like hours not talking inside of the blazer because we, as a family, have actively fought from our house all the way to church.

We packed it with Christmas gifts and went to see my family and drove through icy, terrible weather to make it there.

We’ve spent a lot of time inside those four doors.

Last week, I gave it it’s last deep clean with us and found their legos under the chairs and socks wadded up and stuffed behind the seats. FOOD in the crevices and homework stuffed in places it shouldn’t be. It was bittersweet.


This car is falling to pieces and we don’t have the funds or the

time to stay up with it, but it’s hard to see it go.

We did buy a new car last Friday, and every time I scoot into my new leather seats and blast the heat that actually works, I forget pretty quickly about the nostalgic Blazer.

Pray with my, y’all. Pray that right now, while Prince Charming is home alone talking to these random people, we will sell the nostalgic blazer. I hope to come home to one less car (this would put us down to FOUR). It’s like a mini car-lot at our house right now.

One work truck (actually belonging to PC’s company, but it sits in our driveway).
One truck for personal use.
One 93 ford escort that doesn’t run (AKA the blueberry)
and one shiny, new SUV.

Come on down, we’ve got a great car for you today!









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