Matthew Challenge: Day 3/Verse 3


Day 3 of this challenge has me feeling good. Mainly because I have a way to measure how often I have actually stuck my nose in my bible instead of saying “last week” or something related. I’m terrible at actually reading my bible. I’m good about reading Christian books that take me deeper, good about spending time in worship, prayer life is either on fire or cold, usually no in between. Something I am constantly bad at: Reading my bible. I don’t know why. I hate that I struggle with this. So I’m always looking for new ways: new devotionals, new times of day to study, new anything. The Matthew Challenge has me 3/3. Hopefully I’ll keep on the right track. After all, it’s only one chapter per day.

I love when John the Baptist says his famous line from verse 2, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

I love it because he has a sense of urgency in this statement. The kingdom of heaven is near now. So get it together. This was HOW many years ago? I love that he is encouraging us to seize the time that we have. We can’t wait any longer. It’s coming. A beautiful reminder that the Lord will come like a thief in the night, that not one of us on earth knows God’s timing. We need to be prepared.

I imagine him walking over to the nearest people, to proclaim this news. He must have looked like a whack job. His clothes were made out of camel’s hair and was tied with a leather belt. He ate locusts and wild honey. He probably had little locust legs sticking out of his beard and remains of honey on his teeth. yuck. But the people listened. They went to repent. They were baptized in the Jordan.

And the final verses of this chapter just leave me feeling nothing but the presence of beauty. In a way I can’t describe. Imagine the opportunity to baptize JESUS. To have the Savior of the world come to you to be cleansed (though He is clean). Heaven opens. The Spirit of God descends like a dove and then God says He is WELL PLEASED.

I long for the day He calls me His good and faithful servant. This passage is so beautiful.

Are you reading with me? Are you doing the Matthew challenge? What other Bible challenges have you done? How did this speak to you today?







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