The Additional Role of Stepmoms


“There is little a stepmom can do to maneuver out from under these projections, for they have little, very little to do with her individually.”


Soul Healing Art

Take Care of Yourself Take Care of Yourself

The stepmother always carries what has been rejected about mothers, both individually and within the collective.

Parenting in any manner can be a difficult endeavor. I think stepmoms though are required, more so than stepdads, to take on an additional role.

Our society and culture have very, very strong MYTHS about mothers and motherhood. We idealize mothers and motherhood and leave little space for what these actually entail.

What ends up happening is that anything that does not fall within the idealization of motherhood is rejected individually and collectively.

Where do these rejected thoughts and feeling end up being projected to?

If there is a stepmother in the picture- then, you guessed it- they land upon her.

Nary a negative word may be spoken about a mother, but a stepmother is considered fair game. She will be met with suspicion – always. Her motives- questioned. Her…

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