I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here yet, but my step dad of 19 years was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer over this past summer. He was a smoker for about 40 years, worked in a shop most of his life, likely to be a recipient of this awful disease.

When we found out, the doctors had us convinced he had the equivalent of Stage 5 cancer (which doesn’t exist). They made sure we knew that it was bad and to prepare for the worst. So we did.

When we heard that lovely little “3” it was oddly relieving. Most people would grieve over stage 3, but we thought they were going to give him a death sentence.

Two weeks ago, my step dad had a scan done do see how his first round of treatment took to his body. The cancer doctors told us there was no change. We were shocked, but at least it hadn’t grown.

5 days later, his regular physician came back to town from a vacation, reviewed his charts and declared him CANCER FREE. They found a spot of something on his stomach, but didn’t know what it was at that point. And we decided to ignore it until we learned more about it. We were going to celebrate that he was at least lung cancer free!

Until today.

When my dad texted me.

It’s gone.


The spot on his stomach was an “irritation” from having bronchitis and pneumonia. and it is gone, too.

My step dad is cancer free and on the road to recovery, starting today.

My God, I am so grateful that you hear my tiny voice. I am so grateful that you hear the voices of my friends and family who have cried and prayed and begged for his healing. I am so grateful that You see his sinful heart and You still love him through his brokenness. God, i am so grateful for your healing powers. That You are bigger than a monster like Cancer. You have the victory. You have the glory. You are bigger than even the radiation and chemo used to treat him, I don’t give them any thanks- i give all my thanks to You. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for hearing me.


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