Successful Co-Parenting Tips


” Don’t use your kids as messengers or any other form of communication with the other parent. That’s not their job, their job is to be a kid, not handle adult situations. ”


Not the Average Mama


Co-parenting is a tricky world to navigate around. There are a lot of people who love this child and want what’s best for them. Over the past six years I have learned different techniques and tips on how to be a successful co-parent. I may not be the biological mom in this situation, but I am a parent involved in helping raise two kids, so my voice and my actions matter too.


Putting the Child’s Needs First:

You will be in awkward situations with the other parent at times, and tension might begin to rise, but look around you, the kids are watching you and they can feel that tension too. Check your ego at the door. Put your emotions, anger, and resentment aside and focus on what is best for your child. In the end this is why you are co-parenting in the first place, because this is what’s…

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