Out With the Old



When Prince Charming and I got married, we sorta just threw our hands up and said “It’s time!” and packed all our belongings into a tiny 3 bedroom house with 1 bedroom and very little room to breathe. I was (and still am) the owner of a house about 20 minutes away, renting out spare bedrooms to pay the mortgage. PC has owned the house we live in for nearly 18 years, but was not occupying it during the time we were dating. I made him promise not to step foot back into the house (unless it was related to being a technical Landlord to the current tenants) until we both had rings on our fingers. The house was already his and I already had the less than feelings creeping in.

I packed my boxes and shed my house of way too many things- I have went several times to find keepsakes and items that I once loved and realized that when I was packing up to move, I deemed them unnecessary and now I am missing these things more than I can explain. But that doesn’t mean I waltzed in with few items- I brought the whole load and a couple dogs, too. I packed the belongings of my 4 bedroom house into my car.. several times..and headed to my new home. Charming did the same- we packed all three people’s personal items up and headed to our first home together.

Once it was all in, there was hardly any room for us! The boys’ room is packed to the ceiling with toys and clothes they refuse to wear. The office has been filled to the brim with the copious amounts of books we both have, photography equipment, computers, bookshelves, a treadmill, the list goes on and on. Our room is the least cluttered, but I say that lightly. My closet is exploding and we use every inch of available space underneath our bed for storage. There are no storage closets or pantries for us to store things in. Our house has no basement and the garage is filled with Charming’s… collectables. He’s a pack rat. He finds things on job sites and knows they can be useful somewhere, so he brings them home and I park in the driveway instead of underneath the covering of a garage.


We are also finally into 2017, which is the year we planned to move out of this first, tiny home and into our dream home. Except we haven’t saved any money and neither house we own are anywhere near selling-ready. I’m itching to get out. I have hated living in the house we live in since day one, but grit my teeth because the other three love it. 12 thinks it’s the evil step mother’s dream to crush his childhood and take away the home that he grew up in, to never step foot in it again. He may be right, but not for the reasons he thinks. 8 (happy birthday!) 9! is excited to move into the farm house we dream of. To have room for animals and to play, for four-wheelers and big toys. He’s ready to farm.

We’ve hardly packed anything, nor have we paired down our belongings to the essentials. Prince Charming always shares that we can’t overdecorate, because new home buyers don’t want to imagine your family living in the house, they want to see theirs. So having pictures on the walls and personal touches are a waste of time. Which really means: We live in a house that only has two photos on the walls and they don’t match each other. It drives me bonkers.

Recently, the moving topic has been heavy and common. We spent a couple weekends ago filling boxes with books we know we won’t read for at least a year (and accidentally boxed up the nighttime story that PC reads to the kids. Oops.) We packaged up nearly 30 boxes of books and school supplies and put them in our attic- we can finally breathe in the office. Last weekend, it was like pulling teeth to complete.. but we did it!, we went through the boys room and purged their closet and had them get rid of obsolete toys. The photo below is of boxes and bags (except 1) that came from their room. I’m sure there’s more to go, too.


It finally feels like we can almost breathe in our home, like our belongings aren’t pushing us against the wall and we have space to stretch out our fingers. We don’t even have that much stuff, we just have nowhere to put it! I have literal dreams of living in a giant farm house with 7 rooms, 2 offices and a safe room for me to scream when 9 and 12 drive me batty.

What kind of pre-sale tips do you have for someone who has never sold a house before? How can we continue to remove the excess and work toward our future home?

I am so excited, I can hardly wait to move into a home of our own.


2 thoughts on “Out With the Old

  1. I can sympathize. More SPACE is a fond dream of mine. 🙂

    We’re seniors and live in a mobile home now, where it’s a continual battle to maintain enough space to live comfortably. I sew my own clothes, which gives it’s own paraphernalia in one BR. My husband is a bookkeeper with file boxes stacked all over the BR we use for an office. We both have computers — and we’re BOTH book keepers, as our eight bookcases will confirm. SPACE is at a premium here!

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