To My Husband’s Ex Wife


To My Husband’s Ex-Wife,

I was never more nervous to meet anyone than I was to meet you. I never would have guessed I’d be in this position. I hadn’t heard a lot about you and I’m sure you didn’t know very much about me. I was so self-conscious about what you would think of me and worried that things wouldn’t go well. Thank you for being kind.

Thank you for supporting me as a mother. I was new and scared about how I would do. I prepared my whole life to be a mother but thought I would grow into it with a new baby. Your children are the sweetest blessings my life has had. They are a joy that I would have never known without them.

Thank you for being genuine and honest. I appreciate the open communication we have. People are amazed to hear how well we can all work together.

The kids crave your love and support. They look forward to every phone call, visit, and event with you. Thank you for being dependable for them. Thank you for loving them individually and supporting the things they choose to do.

Sometimes my role feels awkward or difficult. I don’t always know my place and feel like an outsider. Maybe that happens to you, too, sometimes. I’m sorry if it does. It’s a lonely and scary feeling. I will do better to keep you from feeling that way. Sometimes in our own struggles and hard times we forget to allow others to be human; humans who make mistakes, have feelings, and are doing the best they know how.

When I make mistakes, please know I am doing the best I can. And even with mistakes, my love for the kids and Jake only grows. When I have been frustrated or unkind, thank you for being patient with me.

With so many years ahead of us, I hope we can continue to have a good relationship. I hope the kids will be able to see and appreciate four parents who love them and will do anything for them.

You’ll have my gratitude forever.



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