Exciting Things are Happening Here!


Friends, I bring good news and exciting happenings around thestepmommablog!

First, you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail now! There is a sign up button on the sidebar of my home page, or you can let me know via e-mail at thestepmomablog@gmail.com that you want to hear more from me! More than just blog posts- there will be updates, challenges, and more exciting things coming your way in 2017!

Recently, I was approached by a fellow blogger, Joey at Fruitland Home, to collaborate with other step monsters like us and create a new series on blended homes. We would love your help.

You who are step parents, divorced biological parents, step children, half siblings, other step-relative (aunt, grandparent, etc.), impressed/impacted/ from a blended family. You can help.

But how? Create a post by January 31st and e-mail it to thestepmommablog@gmail.com!

You who has felt hurts, you who has been pained and felt alone or unsure of your position- you can reach others who are in the same shoes as you. We are linking arms and creating something beautiful here. Together, with Fruitland Home we are building a place to share real life instances. Real stories, feelings, emotions and maybe even some tears. Stories from the heart and from real places in our lives. Stories that will build up and encourage others in our shoes- not tear them down. This is a place that will not tolerate cut downs or judgments on other parents, we are here to encourage and to build one another up. We are so excited to hear your stories.


Need some inspiration on what to write? Here’s a list that Joey & I have come up with:

  • To My Husband’s Ex-Wife- An Open Letter
  • To My Kids’ Other Mother- An Open Letter
  • Why This Works
  • FAQ About Our Family
  • 10 Things No One Tells You About Being a Step-________
  • Communication Tips for Blended Families
  • Being a Blended Family With No Experience
  • Skipping the Honeymoon – Married with Children
  • Respect You. Respect Me. Respect Us.
  • Teaching Kids About Love
  • Who’s Home for the Holidays – Planning Traditions for Alternating Holidays
  • Remember: We’re All Human
  • Balancing Two Homes
  • Allowing Kids to Be Kids
  • The Fears of Being a Step-________
  • Recognizing God’s Role in Our Family
  • Blending Your New Family With Your Old Life
  • Being a Step-_______ is ________
  • Blending a Family With No Experience
  • You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation
  • Why Does “Step” Feel So Bad?
  • Comparing Yourself to _________
  • Mom of This House
  • 10 Things Not to Say to a Step ________
  • Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Step Parent
  • Learning to Cope With a Second Family
  • To My Ex-Husband and His Other Family- An Open Letter


I can’t wait to hear from you.



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