The Christmas Update


Many of us celebrated Christmas this past weekend, and if we didn’t, we at least knew that the holiday happened. It’s one of my favorite holidays- everyone is always in a great mood, the kids are always so incredibly excited, we get to see our whole family and I get some quality time with my Prince Charming.

I love the feel of church on Sunday, even if I so desperately want to sleep in. The joy in the church body, even if it’s only 12 people. I love the excitement from the pastor and his urgency to share the message with us. I love the Christmas clothes and how dressy each family shows (while hubby and I show up in Jeans and a t-shirt…). I just love it. There is no better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than in His church. I hope you were able to experience His love in a new way this Christmas season.

On Friday, my work had their Christmas party- complete with a catered meal, a slideshow of completed 2016 projects, and a new-website viewing (tooting my horn here- I’m the work photographer, website builder, and I personally designed the gifts that were handed out). The owner gave us each gifts and shared his appreciation for the dedication each person has committed over the past year. It was really nice.

I helped to clean up the party and then I snuck out an hour or so early, in preparation for the chaos that would probably be prevalent at my house. Prince Charming took the day off to bake and clean, but I didn’t fully trust him to handle it all. I came home and the floors were sparkling, there were 6 bags of trash taken out, the chairs were all tucked in and the tree was glistening. It was beautiful. The kids helped out a lot.


We worked our way into the evening and the grandparents came over, all four kids and a couple girlfriends and boyfriends were there. We had 10 people in our house built for 3: we were crowded but we were full of laughs and lots of love. Sometimes our events can be hectic- the younger kids don’t see the older kids too often and they get overly excited to spend time with their big brother & sister. Sometimes 20 is too cool to hang out with us, so we are discouraged. Sometimes 17 is too clingy with her boyfriend and we want to kick him to the curb. Grandma & Grandpa can’t handle the kiddos running around combined with screaming and crying (who can?). But we all did fine. We all had so much fun. The boys didn’t want to leave when their mom wanted them to come home. They wanted to stay and play. My heart was full. I knew it was because of the fun games and the new bedroom comforters they received, but I didn’t care- we were more fun than mom’s house could ever be.

The rest of the weekend consisted of shuffling the boys around. They had 3 Christmas parties on Saturday and we had to pry them away from their cousins from out of state. As quickly as my heart was filled, it was just as easily deflated. They cried. They were mad that they had to come to my family’s party. They had to leave their cousins (even though they had 5 more visits SCHEDULED with them and we only see my family together 3 times in a year.) They were mad. Prince Charming had to make a point to thank them for coming with us even if they didn’t want to and I had to silently wipe away the tears that were forming while we headed to my brother’s. It’s hard. It hurts.

The day to day life is difficult because our emotions are pulled so far one way and then shoved so far in the other direction. It is a constant roller coaster, and let me tell you- I am terrified of heights. It reminds me of this one time when I was a kid and my sister & I were at Cedar Point. We were on the Junior Gemini, a kid’s ride. But again, terrified of heights. I cried, I held the bar in front of me with dear life. I screamed. The attendant comes over the PA system “Who wants to ride again?!” and I scream “NOT MEEEEEE! LET ME OUT!” and my sister covered my mouth and forced me to go again.

but sometimes that’s how it feels. I don’t want to go again. I can’t handle the ups and downs. I can’t do it anymore.

This weekend was no different- it just had heightened emotions, since it’s Christmas.

Sunday & Monday, my husband and I played the lazy card. hard. We woke up late and since it was Christmas day, there was no Sunday School or Coffee shops or children’s church to tend to. We just got to show up like normal church folk at 11am. It was so nice. And then we visited my in-laws (which consisted of cooking a frozen pizza and watching whatever movie was on tv.. and napping with 6 day old puppies.) and then we came home to watch hours more of movies. And we did the same thing on Monday. We woke up late and snuggled for a while and in the first 10 minutes we were out of our room, Seinfeld was on and we were laughing in our PJ’s with hot coffee and cold Coca-Cola (I’ll never be a coffee drinker). It was the best day. It was the best weekend. I’m so so grateful for these few days off.


and even better- We have next Monday off, too! 😀

and PS, Christmas Wish list  worked! I received a package of new LuLaRoe from a party I hosted with my favorite consultant, and I had 5 new pieces to get excited for. I also ordered some leggings from Poshmark that showed up this weekend (my unicorn!) and was overjoyed to receive them before Christmas! anyway, real gifts: My sister gave me a pair of leggings and an Irma top- which I’m obsessed with. My husband got me a “camera lover” Classic T and a new polka dot Irma. Check Lula off of my list


I also got the exact light set I shared with you guys PLUS some shipping envelopes- my hubby is all about me fulfilling my photography business dreams and it’s so encouraging when he helps to support my company.

He picked out his own Amber earrings for me (but they look oddly like the ones in the photo..) and I LOVE them. They match the necklace he brought me home from Poland a few years ago, when we had just started dating. It’s perfect.

I finally got “For the Love” by Jen Hatmaker and I’m so excited to dig in… once I finish the other 4 books I have to read first!

and I got a billion other things that I was blown away by. A new feather pillow for my broken neck, a new thermos and soft blanket from 20, desk accessories from 8 and 12, The Magnolia Story  and probably too many other things. This weekend was so so fun! They super spoiled me.

How did your family celebrate? Do you do the legal thing (moms get kids on even years, dads get kids on odd..etc)? Do you have your own agreement?


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