Recipe Roundup: December



Okay y’all, I think I’m going to do this Recipe Roundup thing EVERY MONTH! Because we’re all foodies just dying for more things to eat, right? No? Just us? Okay, well. We’re doing this monthly because we like to eat.

Prince Charming and I are heading to our quiet little deer camp for a weekend this December and there will be plenty of down-time in the evenings for us to try new foods!

The November Recipe Roundup was a riot, I loved everything you guys had to share!

Dietary or exciting things to know for recipes:
1) Thestepmomma is lactose intolerant
2) Prince Charming loves spicy food, but I don’t
3) Prince Charming loves venison and pork (but I don’t)
4) Prince Charming just got an electric smoker for his birthday (because he has a great wife) and he’s obsessed with smoking things right now

Show me what you’ve got, guys!

With Christmas time coming, side dishes, desserts, quick meals and even your favorite cereal are appreciated. Always looking to change things up here!




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