Top 5 Date Nights with Charming


Something that I love to hear about and I love to share about is date night. Always. I love date night. I crave date night. I love one on one time with my husband, without tasks to complete, laundry to do… time set aside for just him and I. My favorite thing he does is when he will text me before he gets out of work and ask me if I want to go out somewhere, he usually has a plan.  I love it so much because 1) he’s at work and he’s thinking about me 2) he wants time with just me 3) he initiates it

Now, we are not fancy date-nighters. We’ve probably never dressed up to go anywhere except a wedding, we like the same places, we usually don’t plan nights- they just happen (which I think is better anyway). But we go on dates a lot (perks to not having to find a babysitter any time we want to go somewhere, since we have nights away from the kids). So I thought that maybe some of you would like to share your date stories or  your favorites, or just learn some easy ideas on how to date the one you love. My Top 5 list is compiled of my favorite memories and the simplest, but best, dates.

  1. Our First Date (and now a repeat location of ours):

images There’s a little pizzeria about 25 minutes from our house that I used to go to with a bunch of my friends and I’d told Prince Charming about (he has no recollection of me suggesting this place, but knows he got a good review from a work buddy, so he took me there….right.) Charming picked me up and I was giddy as ever. I asked him what he had planned and he had 8 different things written down and let me choose (someone who took time to plan out dates and alternative dates? dreamy). So we went to eat and then saw a local orchestra perform, it happened to be Valentine’s weekend, so there were a ton of lovey dovey things to do. But this place, this pizzeria, has THE BEST garlic knots I’ve ever had. We got hooked and now this is a favorite (more expensive) date night. Pizza is always the best.

2) Standard Movie Night- We have this movie theater that is just getting blown out of the water, so they’ve made Tuesday nights a $5 date night. We can go and buy two tickets, a large popcorn and a medium pop for $18 or less and we LOVE it. Sometimes we go even if there’s nothing exciting to see, just as something for us to do for a good rate.

3) My favorite kind of dates are the ones that happen on warm summer nights with the windows down, sitting next to my husband in our car, searching for our future home. We drive around town and look at things we love in houses and things we could never settle for. We listen to music or talk shows and laugh a lot. We have tried to bring the kids to these dates but they HATE it and they don’t understand that we have the ability to change the way that houses are set up (PC is quite the handyman) and that we can and will avoid certain things if we know the kids hate it. I love dreaming with my man. I love looking to our future and setting goals for us. This is the best way to my heart. 100%o-COUPLE-DRIVING-AWAY-IN-A-CAR-570.jpg

4)Antiquing!!! We love old things. We love trinkets too much and we love to restore items, if we have the time. For our anniversary, we spent the day in the biggest Antique store I’ve ever seen and sifted through THREE floors and a basement of old, crazy things! We found old newspaper keys and have them in a newspaper drawer, hanging on our wall. We bought keys that resemble things in our lives and we have plans to make this our anniversary tradition. I can’t wait for more.michigan-s-largest-finest.jpg

5) The best. The easiest. The cheapest. $1.25 pizzas and Netflix. We are all about the Netflix and chill lifestyle. We do actually make this date night-ish though. We make food, I lock the dogs up and we eat in the living room, which is a Cardinal Sin in my house. We find some silly show that I haven’t seen because I was born in a different decade than my husband and he laughs at me when I scrunch my nose at the bad animations or effects. I love this date. Leggings or sweatpants, t-shirts, ponytails- just as we are. We overeat, drink too much soda, usually buy candy or chips, and stay up too late watching silly shows.


Those are it. My Top 5 dates with Prince Charming.

What are your favorite dates? Do you do any of these things? Give us date ideas!


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Date Nights with Charming

  1. I love date nights with my husband and as a fellow stepmom, I totally understand what you mean about not having to find a sitter and being able to out on days they aren’t there.

    We don’t have planned date nights either and we don’t always get dressed up. To us, it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we are doing it together.

    My favorite date nights would have to be our summer date nights, because everything we do is outside. We’ve rode our bikes through a park full of beautiful trees and ended up at a local brewery for happy hour after. It’s the spontaneous of it all that I love ❤

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  2. What I do with my husband sometimes: Dinner with candles, cozy clothes on, enjoying the meal, smiles, laughter. Then a movie, Netflix, why not? And perhaps laying a blanket on the floor and rolling up with sheets while watching the movie. The rest… 🙂

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