Okay guys, you thought I was excited when my blog received 50 *Likes?*

That meant 50 people liked things I’d posted

THIS means that 50 people like what I have to say enough to follow me and get all of my updates.

THIS means that there’s some sort of confirmation that this little blog has a purpose and I’m SO excited for that.

I know 50 isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of bloggerville, but in this world- 50 people who hear my voice and many of them are step monsters like me, get to rally together. We get to hear something encouraging. We get to see each other’s posts and struggles and realize thatย we aren’t in this alone.

This is the most perfect, shameless time for me to plug my blog (even though that’s what every post does?)

If you know a step momma, or dad, who can use an uplifting word every now and again- will you send them this way? Will you share this page and let a new person be a part of this group? Will you let me connect with them and link arms with more mamas?


I’m currently trying to decide if I should upgrade this blog and do the domain-thing, monetize, etc, can we use this post to talk about the pros and cons of upgrading?


More potential followers/people connected to this blog
Hello. Money.
More freedom on design/layout/managing this site.
Simplified link to share my blog


More responsibility/accountability to the blog- if it’s free I’m not really tied down to it
It costs money and doesn’t guarantee extra income
A lot more work- finding campaigns, sharing, writing affiliate links/writeups
Do I really want to accept an income off of a subject/matter I am passionate about?

What are some other pros and cons that you’ve come up with? Can you help a sista out?


Much love. Thank you all for loving me and following me and joining me here!



dance party


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