My Top Ten Tips For Depression


With winter/holidays/cold/SADs coming up- posts like these are useful.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Do not EVER be afraid to reach out if you are in need. You are needed. You are beautiful. You are of worth. I value you.


overcomeobjectionsforweb-936ca7b8.jpegWritten by Guest Contributor: Clive P., MBA (GBR)

Founder of: Take It Easy

Five years ago I was diagnosed with depression and went through a long period of being unable to work. I got through it, with much help, and picked up a lot of advice along the way. I have a ’top ten’ of the things I learned: I’m not pretending that this list is in any way definitive or exhaustive, and no doubt anyone who has experienced depression can tell me a lot of things that work for them but which I’ve left out. However, these all have some meaning for me and, if you are a fellow sufferer, I hope that at least one of these tips will be useful for you.

1. Seek Help
Try to be honest with yourself and seek help. The hardest part is to make that initial judgment on yourself, recognize that something might be…

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