Christmas Wish List!


Just for fun, I thought I’d compile a small list of things that have caught my eye and could make their way into my closet with no sense of push back. 🙂
I love to shop, I go in spurts and right now I’m forcing myself to hide my debit card from myself and suggest items to my husband instead. You know. If I know what I want and send him links to it, maybe he’ll get me perfect Christmas gifts? (He’s actually really geat at gift-giving. He’s a big romancer.)
So anyway. Here it is:



I didn’t think to mark these items by letter or number, so just bare with me.

LulaRoe Carly Dress First, I love flowers. Love ’em. I love bright colors, except I’m typically a dark-color-wearing gal. But I love this dress. But lets be honest, if you’re buying me a Carly, I don’t really even care what it looks like. They fit so well, they’re extremely comfortable, super soft. I’ve never loved a dress more than the Carly I just got two weeks ago, so clearly I need it in every print available. Size Large please.

Fish eye lens As a wedding photographer, lenses will always be on my list. Fish eye is the next one I want to play with and this one is a cheap way for me to learn how to use it. Fit it to my Canon Rebels, please 🙂

Swing I really want this because it matches a hammock my dad gave me years ago. And it’d be great to sit on the porch and swing life away (Cue Rise Against song here)

Memory Cards Again, photographer. Always and forever will I need spares.

Ring Wrap My husband is so sweet and got me a brand new wedding ring on our wedding day and I love it. But it is just a solid ring and people think I’m 20 and engaged instead of 26 with a husband and a bunch of kids. I really want a wrap to complete it. This one is $600, they make them for $5 and I’d be happy with that. He doesn’t like this idea, but I’ll keep whining 🙂

Catan–  because CATAN!

Light Set – photographer problems here, guys.

Amber Earrings– Charming brought me back an amber necklace from Poland and I wear it every day, I just want some simple earrings to match it.

That’s it. Pretty much anyway. Really, we have everything we need. These are just huge wants. Things I could go without (except the Carly dress. I might actually die without it.)
I’m thinking about setting up a PO Box in case you guys want to pool your blogging dollars together to get your favorite step-mother a great gift this year!

Just kidding. Maybe.

What’s on your list? How does your family do gift-giving? Merry Christmas, y’all!



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