I am fighting right now. In ways that I can’t describe to you yet.
So to combat it, I am sharing my gratitude journal with you.
I read another blogger’s “Thankful List” tonight and it made my eyes light up in a way that they haven’t been able to in a few days.
I’m not sure how long to make this, please bare with me. I am digging deep tonight.


I’m not one of those girls who is CRAZY about elephants, but i do love them. they are peaceful and gentle in my mind. Teal is my favorite color and succulents are my favorite types of flowers because they’re really hard to kill. I’ve had mine living for 5 months now and that has got to be a record for this not-so green thumbed lady. I am grateful that i have favorites. that they can be as small as the color teal and as giant as an elephant. I am grateful that i have my own choices and can decide things for myself. and that i can keep succulents on my desk at work.
Recently, I’ve developed a deep love for sunflowers. I dont know how to describe it. A close family member of mine was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and the first time I remember smiling after hearing his diagnosis, was after driving past a sunflower field. They warm my heart. They bring a little bit of sunshine into my day. They stand tall and reach for the heavens. They are beautiful. and i love the beauty behind the story of Seeds of Hope– the love this man had for his wife. check it out, sunflowers will mean something new to you, too.

I am grateful for my prince charming, even when his crown isn’t the shiniest or he doesn’t wipe away my tears.. or even understand them. I am grateful that he will argue with me until he feels like he can’t speak anymore- because he’s trying to listen. I am grateful that he loves me deeper than anyone i’ve ever met. i’m grateful that we are new at this because i know there is so much more for us ahead, and he’s the only man i want to take on adventures with. i am so grateful that he lets me hang out with his little princes and lets me wash their clothes and sit with them on the couch. i am so grateful for this man and how he has changed my life.


mostly i am grateful, even though i am terrible at showing it sometimes, for my Jesus. i am so grateful that he is faithful to me, when i neglect him. i am grateful that he isn’t a God off in the distance who has never felt pain- because He sees me. i am so grateful that he sees me. He is my comforter and strength. i am grateful for his love and how it is unending. Here i am, Lord.



Prince Charming
SunflowerElephant planter


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