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I was going to do a cheeky post on Taylor Swift or something, but…I just couldn’t. As much as I realllly didn’t want to write about the election, ignoring the state of our nation right now just didn’t sit well with me. Scrolling through social media and watching the news today, there was definitely a […]

via Profile of a Trump Supporter — BeautyBeyondBones


2 thoughts on “Profile of a Trump Supporter — BeautyBeyondBones

  1. This was a very brave and yet thoughtful post. Although, as an African-American, I am having a hard time digesting the actual person that is Trump as my President, I don’t judge anyone based on who they voted for because many people chose to vote for different reasons – big and small. Some think all Trump supporters are racist and sexist (even though many are) but those people may need to watch less TV and do actual research on political policies/agenda behind the actual candidate 🙂 Personally (as a Christian) I can agree with the Republican stance as it relates to items such Abortion and marriage.

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    • I loved how BBB wrote this article- she did it very tactfully.
      I have had several discussions this week about my stance on Trump/Hillary and I just wish that a lot more people could see BBB’s article. Being that Trump is our President Elect now, he needs to be covered in our prayers and even if we don’t agree with everything that he stands for (Like me with Obama), he is our leader and deserves our respect and support. He’s got a lot of work to do and a lot of mess to clean up. (Not JUST from Obama)


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