20 facts about thestepmomma


I thought it might be fun to let you in on some interesting things about me, while keeping my ambiguity. I always think that these things are fun before I do them and then I reailze that they’re actually really difficult to come up with. Here we go:

20 things about.png

1.  I am a planner lover. I’ve been known to have more than one on me for multiple reasons. Currently I only have one, but I have a perpetual calendar in the back of my planner, for my side gig.

2. Flowers. all day. forever. everyday. buy them for me, plant them, send me pictures of them. I just love them. (especially Sunflowers)

3. I get some pretty crippling SADs each winter (Seasonal Affective Disorder), now even moreso since I have a hunter for a husband. There’s not much I know to do to help it.

4. My best friends are spread across the country and sometimes that is really too difficult to handle.

5. My husband and I dream of owning a small farm- 8, 12 and I want pigs and goats (at least one of each) as pets. Prince Charming isn’t a fan of barn animals as pets, but we will win.

6.Photography and Video are a combined passion of mine.

7. Dog lover all the way. If I didnt have a husband and kids, I’d have 3 more dogs.

8. If you can’t tell by my blog, my favorite color is teal blue.. and all shades of it.

9. I love shoes, even if I only wear a few pairs of them at a time. I have owned 17 pairs of Converse and my new favorite pair of shoes is my shiny pair of Justin’s Cowboy boots.

10. Seeing my name printed on things makes me feel successful. Business cards, a hat for work, name plate, even pre-printed items for meetings.

—whooooaa, we’re half way there…. sorry. moving on.

11. I’m the only Christian in my (non married) family. It’s hard.

12. I actually did get a job right out of college that was in my career path. It’s so strange to have just walked into this great company, but here I am!

13. My favorite date nights with Prince Charming are when we are kid-free, driving down dirt roads and searching for our forever home. Maybe with some Halo Burger to-go bags in the car with us, maybe some Buffalo Wild Wings boxes in the back seat.

14. I walk this extremely fine line of being too much of a tom-boy or too girly. I dress up and like to wear (some) make up.. but I can easily skip showers, play in the mud, work outside, talk tough, and hold my ground.

15. Strawberries are my least favorite thing in the entire world. The worst smell, texture, feel. All of it. They literally make me gag.

16. I crave deep, all-consuming worship times. When I’m home alone, you can bet I’m jamming to Kim Walker-Smith or Stephanie Gretzinger with the stereo on full blast and my hands in the sky. It’s funny when I get walked in on during my own worship sessions.

17. My husband and I feel that we will be called to the missionary life at some point. I hope we are sent to Nigeria, my heart is waiting for me there.

18. My dad is my best friend in the whole world.

19.  The 2016 Presidential Election is the first election I have followed from start to finish. Learning more about politics has been extremely boring, but a lot of fun and definitely challenging over the past few years. I’m happy to have my political-crazed husband at my side to keep me on it.

20. I love having pictures on display, pretty much whereever i am.

So that’s that. There’s 20 facts about me that you may or may not have had any idea about. Do you want to know more about me or our little crew? Leave a comment with some Get To Know Me questions and lets connect!



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