Recipe Roundup:


This is an atypical post for me, but let’s go with it anyway!

When we got married about 1 1/2 years ago, my sister threw me this super cute shower at my church. She had bags of seeds put into pots with “Watch our love grow” written on each one, she had my favorite color decorated around the entire space, she hand tied little craft rope around each and every silverware set. She busted her butt. She also tried really hard to get a ton of recipes collected for me, as a new wife. I’m not certain if she just thought it was a cute idea or thought that I would end up being the chef in our house (I totally don’t cook enough, Prince Charming does it all.)

So I wound up with several helpful recipes, but some were instructions on how to make scrambled eggs.. because they get me, they knew I couldn’t cook, while some were inappropriate and silly recipes for love. We keep those separate from the recipe box we have in the kitchen, fully accessible by children.


We are in a food-funk in our house. I am not creative, I like boring food and I’m really skeptical of new things… but I’m really trying to be helpful to my husband and give him ideas. So when I can’t come up on my own, I’m calling on YOU. My faithful 15 subscribers!

What’s your favorite family dish? We are a family of 4 (but sometimes as many as 8 kids are in our house when the significant others and older kids are there). We love chicken tacos, eat spaghetti too often, do homemade pizzas, chicken nuggets, ginger chicken, Chinese, we LOVE breakfast for dinner, my husband is a lover of soup but I won’t go near it… We are stuck.

Things you should know:
I am lactose intolerant and I hate spicy things.. or overly flavorful things. I like everything plain or with the option of plain (if you can add toppings on later, that’s fine!)

My husband loves spicy things, loves new ideas, loves new things.

12 hates ground beef/pasta things

8 thinks he hates chicken and thinks he’s a vegetarian but last night he ate grilled chicken, he eats nuggets, venison, beef, ham, turkey, steak, hot dogs.. the list goes on.


So here I am, on my knees in the homemade apron a sweet friend gifted me on our wedding reception day, begging you to help me spruce our kitchen up and save the kids from flipping over the table if we serve noodles one more time.

What are your favorites? Easy Crock-Pot recipes are totally welcomed (because I hate cooking!). How often would you like to see a recipe roundup? Thinking I might make this a monthly tradition!

Recipe Card Here


13 thoughts on “Recipe Roundup:

  1. I am also a terrible cook. I am vegetarian and have been for 15 years but the rest of my house eats some meat. I also like bland foods! My favorite recipe is a bit out there, and was a stretch for me but I have come to really love it. I use Morningstar fake steak strips, but you could also use real meat or probably tofu if you did it correctly. Cook the meat with taco seasoning (although I don’t put as much in as I would for tacos) then bake a selection of sliced red and yellow bell peppers for 20 minutes. Mix 1/4 a cup of blue cheese and cream cheese together and spread on tortillas. Make retried black beans or regular refried beans, add meat, beans and peppers to tortilla with the blue/cream cheese mixture and top with lettuce.

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  2. Allie McCarty

    If you do like deer meat, or pork for that matter, one of my favorite things to do is take a deer/beef/pork roast and put it in the crock pot, add a gravy packet and a packet of italian seasoning, and enough water to cover the meat. I sometimes will cut up big pieces of onion and throw in as well, but most of the time it’s just the meat and seasoning. I turn it on low in the morning and by the time we get home from work, the meat falls apart! My hubby likes stronger flavors than I do so he’ll season his more when he fixes his plate, but I like it this way. We serve it over rice, or mashed potatoes with veggies on the side. If you like thicker gravy, you can strain the meat from the juices and add a little bit of corn starch to the mix and it’ll thicken the gravy mix up. It literally works with any type of roast or even pork chops. We eat this at least once a week, sometimes more during the colder months 🙂


  3. There is this dish my step-dad makes called Tator tot surprise. One can of corn drained, one can if beans, carrots and already cooked hamburger that is in little chunk form. Put the veggies in first, glass casserole dish or 4 by 6 pan. You can make two of them so there is enough food for eight. Then put cooked hamburger over the top of it all, like it’s a layer of hamburger. Then put tator tots all across the top like a covering on the hamburger/ layer of tator tots. Cook at 375 for 25-45 min depending on your oven. Then take put and serve.

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  4. Another great ides is spaghetti. Its do simple to make. You fill a kettle half full of water. Then you bring the water to a roaring boil, or fast boil. Then with just you and your husband make one pound of spaghetti. If its two kids make two pounds of spaghetti and four kids make three pounds.
    Add a little garlic salt to the water to make the water boil faster abdvto flavor the noodles. Once the water is boiling break the spaghetti noodles in half. Stir the noodles around with a wooden spoon so they don’t stick to the bottom and the boiling can move them around. Cook noodles for 15-20 min. Then strain the noodles. Add one jar of prego or rague if u are making one pound of noodles. Add two jars if u are making two or three pounds of noodles. Turn burner off after adding sauce and put lid on pot, let it rest for five mins and serve


  5. My family loves Russian Chicken it can be served over rice, potatoes, or with crostini or toast.
    6- Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Halves
    1- 8oz Russian Salad Dressing
    1- Package Onion Soup mix
    1- Can Whole Cranberry Sauce

    Place Chicken in baking dish. Layer on the salad dressing, soup mix and cranberry sauce. Cover and bake 30 mins. Or until tender.
    check it out here.

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